Catherine Carlton has shown a true commitment to the community through her years of volunteer service. With her impressive business and financial background, Catherine has the right experience to make an excellent City Council member. 

Kirsten Keith, Mayor of Menlo Park 

Catherine’s volunteer work with HIP Housing and the Boys & Girls Club, helps those most in need, while her work as a Parks Commissioner benefits the entire community and improves the quality of life for all residents of Menlo Park. 

Don Horsley, Supervisor and former Sheriff

Catherine Carlton has been a strong advocate for Planned Parenthood, and has consistently fought for the health and safety of women. We all benefit from her commitment and leadership. 

Lupe Rodriguez, Director of Public Affairs,
———————————   Planned Parenthood Advocacy Mar Monte*

I have had a real working relationship for years with Catherine during my time in the state legislature, and she does first rate work. I have high regard for her ability to grasp difficult issues and am confident that she will work collaboratively to solve the most difficult problems that are facing Menlo Park. 

Joe Simitian, Senator, State of California

  • The Daily News
  • The Daily Post
  • Citizens for Fair & Responsible Pension Reform
  • The Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee (BAYMEC)
  • 100% Support Rating from Planned Parenthood
  • Silicon Valley Association of Realtors (SILVAR)
State & County Government Elected Officials
  • Joe Simitian - State Senator, 11th District, California
  • Don Horsley - Vice President, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
  • Memo Morantes - Trustee, San Mateo County Board of Education
  • Greg Munks - Sherif, San Mateo County
  • Warren Slocum - Former Chief Elections Officer & Assessor-Clerk-Recorder
Menlo Park Government Elected Officials
  • Kirsten Keith - Mayor, Menlo Park
  • Peter Ohtaki - Vice Mayor, Menlo Park
  • John Boyle - Former Vice Mayor, Menlo Park 
  • Lee Duboc - Former Mayor, Menlo Park
  • Bob McNamara - Former Mayor, Menlo Park
  • Steve Schmidt - Former Mayor, Menlo Park
  • Dee Tolles - Former Mayor, Menlo Park
  • Mickie Winkler - Former Mayor, Menlo Park
School &  Fire District Elected Officials
  • Carrie Du Bois - Trustee and Clerk, Sequoia Union High School District
  • Olivia Martinez - Sequoia Union High School District
  • Jeff Child - Board Member - Menlo Park City School District
  • Maria HIlton - Board Member - Menlo Park City School District
  • Stephen Nachtsheim - President, Menlo Park Fire Protection District 
  • Virginia Chang Kiraly - Director, Menlo Park Fire Protection District
  • Rex Ianson - Vice President, Menlo Park Fire Protection District
  • Jack Nelson - Director, Menlo Park Fire Protection District 
  • Rob Silano - Director, Menlo Park Fire Protection District
Menlo Park Commissioners
  • Jack O'Malley - Commissioner, Planning Commission
  • John Onken - Commissioner, Planning Commission
  • Henry Riggs - Commissioner, Planning Commission
  • Kelly Blythe - Commissioner, Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Kristi Breisch - Former Commissioner, Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Thomas Cecil - Commissioner, Parks & Recreation Commission 
  • Andrew Kirpatrick - Commissioner, Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Paula Morano - Former Chair, Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Nick Naclerio - Commissioner, Parks & Recreation Commission 
  • Jim Tooley - Commissioner, Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Julianna Dodick - Commissioner, Housing Commission
  • Scott Lohmann - Vice Chair, Bicycle Commission
  • Amy Hamilton - Commissioner, Library Commission
  • Jim Schott - Former Commissioner , Environmental Quality Commission
  • Terry Kent - Former Commissioner , Transportation Commission
  • Joe Cyndrich - Former Commissioner, Transportation Commission
  • Mohsen Banuazizi - Former Commissioner, Arts Commission
Civic and Community Leaders
  • Matt Henry - President of the Belle Haven Neighborhood Association
  • Ron Shepherd - Former Chair, Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce
  • Rick Ciardella - Past President, Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce
  • Roy Thiele-Sardina - Co-Chairman, Citizens for Fair & Responsible Pension Reform
  • Henry Riggs - Co-Chairman, Citizens for Fair & Responsible Pension Reform
  • Ned Moritz - TreasurerCitizens for Fair & Responsible Pension Reform
  • Nancy Couperous - Co-founder, Menlo Park Farmer’s Market
  • Sally Falkenhagen - Former President, Junior League of Palo Alto*Mid Peninsula
  • Pam Brandin - Director, Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Antonia Balkanska Lavine - Jewish Coalition to End Human Trafficking
  • Donna Hall - Las Lomitas PTA President, 2010-11
  • Lauren Sabatini - Resident and Community Leader
  • Jacqueline Rosine - Programs Manager of San Mateo RecycleWorks
  • Maya Sewald - Former President of Sharon Heights Owners Association
Local Business Owners
  • Richard Li - Menlo Park Businessman
  • Gloria and Caitlin Darke - Real Estate Agents
  • Suzi Tinsley - Owner of The Sugar Shack in Menlo Park
  • Kerry Hoctor - Businessman (Owner, Village Stationers)
  • Bruce Good - Businessman (Owner, The Oriental Carpet)
  • Cristal Hassun - Businesswoman (Owner, Atherton Antiques)
  • Showa Sahle - Businesswoman (Owner, Visions Salon)
  • Colin Jenkins - Businessman (Owner, Occasions)
  • Amilio Demirkol - Businessmen (Angelo Mio)

(Partial list. *Affiliations listed for identification purposes only)